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In an effort to make our school a safer place, ALL VISITORS WILL BE REQUIRED TO CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE, where they will receive visitor's badge.  All doors, except the one that leads straight to the office will now remain locked during the day.  Although we are a small family-friendly school and we know most of you by sight or name, we are required to strictly enforce this new policy.  Thank you for your understanding.


Students of the Month for September and October

These awesome students have been selected as the Students of the Month for the months of September and October.

Our "Character Matters" traits for those months were RESPECT and RESPONSIBLILTY.  These students are shining examples of those traits.

The "Character Matters" Trait for the month of November will  be GENEROSITY.

What's Happening at Naples.....

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   Please click on the link below for the School newsletter.

    SeptOct 2014.pdf

Meet the Naples Staff . . .

Message from Mr. Morton

Dear Parents and Students,


Welcome Back!  The school year has begun, and it is wonderful to see students back in our classrooms, hallways, and on our playground once again.  During our opening assembly on Wednesday we introduced staff, new students, and our yearly theme of “Character Matters”.


I would like to extend a special welcome to our new families and students this year!  We are glad to have you and hope your experience is positive.  As part of Naples tradition students and staff are encouraged to wear our school colors of red and white for “Wolverine Thursdays”.  This offers our school community the opportunity to show their school spirit and pride.  Naples apparel can be purchased at Far North logo shop if you are interested.


Lastly, there are a few dates I would like families to be aware of.  Next Monday, September 8th there will be a BCSD #101 school board meeting at 6 pm at the district office.  Also, our open house will be held Tuesday, September 16th from 6:30-7:30.  We would love to see all of you there.



Steven Morton, Principal

Naples Elementary Magnet School

OUR H.A.T.S. (humanity, art, technology and science) classes are looking for public volunteering.  If you feel you can offer 1 hour a week to spend with a few students in any of the above fields we want YOU.   This is such a wonderful opportunity for you and the children to explore in.  Ideas include, pottery, teaching a language, arts, music, crafting, history, gym sports, specialized arts, creative writing, photography and more.  We would like to bring into the school more of our talents from the community.  If you would like more information or have questions please call the school at 267-2956.

Leaving a Legacy of Love and Life Long Learning. 


Mr. Steven Morton, Principal

145 Schoolhouse Rd.

Naples, ID 83847

(208) 267-2956

fax: (208) 267-2906

Halloween Doors

Buddy Badger and Nurse Moore

Buddy Badger celebrated his birthday with some of our students this week.  In addition to a birthday celebration, complete with cupcakes, juice and party hats, Buddy and Nurse Moore taught the children the importance of hand washing.  Did you know that if you sing "The Happy Birthday Song" twice, you will have washed your hands long enough to eliminate most germs? Each student also got their very own bottle of hand sanitizer as a party gift.  Thanks Buddy and Nurse Moore!

 Curriculum Director, Robin Merrifield, sent this email to the staff.  Mr.Morton thought it would be worth sharing with our parents on our web page because most parents can relate to this......   
We've all been involved in a conversation like this at some point in our lives; either as the parent, the child or both.  The question makes for a short, quick and frankly useless conversation in the car or at the dinner table.  Boring convos with kids shall be no more!

Here is a quick link for a great blog regarding questions parents can ask their kids to spur conversations about their day at school.   

New SBAC Practice Tests


INSTRUCTIONS:  Scroll toward the bottom and find the link that says, Practice Test Portal, under the heading, Resources and Support.  Then click on the green box with the bicycle at the bottom of that page.  Login as "Guest" using the pre-filled fields.