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In an effort to make our school a safe place, ALL VISITORS ARE REQUIRED TO CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE, where they will receive a visitor's badge. 

All doors, except the one that leads straight to the office will remain locked during the day. 

Thank you for your understanding. and cooperation

Sick child?

An alternate to calling the school when your child is sick at home is to email us.

Just send your email to 

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Mary Krejci is many things to the students at Naples Elementary School.  In addition to being the helpful Title I reading and math teacher, she is the origami teacher, the candle-making teacher, the lunch duty, the recess duty, the loving hug and the helpful, happy smile.  She is the soft voice of comfort when kids need a calming presence. 

Not only is she all these things to the students, she is a core resource for the teaching staff.  She is the data queen!  She tracks and brings key information regarding student achievement to every team meeting.  Her tireless efforts make it possible for timely and effective decisions to be made regarding students’ academic needs.

Mrs. Krejci goes above and beyond the basics of her position to become an integral part of the Naples family.  She is always willing to roll up her sleeves and take on that extra duty or task.

Mary is a professional, steady, and calm fixture for everyone at Naples.  Without her, Naples wouldn’t be the same.  She consistently strives to pursue professional development to learn more about her job.  In addition to meeting the many expectations of her position, Mary is currently training a new Title I employee.  She does this with grace and wisdom.  Anyone who has the privilege to learn from and work alongside Mrs. Krejci is quite fortunate.

Thank you Mary Krejci for giving your time, effort and love to the staff and students of Naples Elementary School!  We appreciate and honor you! 


January 29, 2018


Students and Families, Welcome to 2018! 

The first month of the New Year passed us by in the blink of an eye!  The staff and students of Naples Elementary have been busily plugging away to maximize learning!  Although many have been fighting a variety of illnesses, the goals have remained steady for all: SAFE, CIVIL, and PRODUCTIVE!  We have been very focused on playground safety, civility and respect for one another throughout the campus, and productivity in our daily lessons and work.   I am very proud of each student and staff member for meeting these high expectations daily.  No one is perfect, but everyone tries.  Here at Naples, we understand people make mistakes, but we are learning to move on from them and work to do and be better.

We welcomed University of Idaho student teacher, Collin Luther to Kindergarten.  Collin is a local Boundary County citizen who grew up in Naples and is coming back to his home town to complete his teaching degree.  The kindergarten students have really been enjoying having him in their classroom!

Mr. Luther isn’t the only new face here at Naples this month.  With the help of a recent Title I funding adjustment, we are fortunate to be able to bring on a part-time Title I parapro to work alongside Mrs. Krejci.  Jordawn Jacobson has joined us to guide our students with extra reading and math support as needed.  Welcome, Ms. Jacobson!

Throughout January, grades 3-5 had their classroom spelling bees.  Winners from each class are as follows:

  • 3rd Grade: Landon Hart and Cado Murray
  • 4th Grade: A.W. Schultz and Isaac
  • 5th Grade: Jesse Fess, Myah Francis, and Izreal Hanks

These students had the opportunity to compete in the Boundary County District Spelling Bee on January 20th.  They each did their best and made Naples proud!

Grades 3-5 have already skied or snowboarded their hearts out at Schweitzer!  This program provides an opportunity for our students to experience an outdoor activity they can learn and enjoy for the rest of their lives. We are fortunate to have a world-class ski resort nearby!

For one whole week in January, we had the National Geographic Giant Traveling Map of Idaho in our gymnasium!  Each class was able to “walk all over Idaho”.  The Idaho Geographic Alliance and the University of Idaho partnered to acquire this giant map of Idaho for schools throughout the state to enjoy.  We are happy to have it in our neck of the woods.  Students were engaged in hands-on (and feet-on) lessons focused on Idaho geography.  Mount Hall Elementary will be getting it next!  Students are visually learning Boundary County is at the top of the state! Our goal is to be at the top of the state in more ways than geography!

The H.A.T.S. (Humanities, Arts, Technology and Science) enrichment classes are still going strong each month.  Before students finish one session, they are already asking about the next event.  If you have a skill or experience you would like to share with our students, please stop in to the office and grab a course application form.  Sessions are two hours long, once per month.  Think fun!  The next event is February 28th.
Appreciation goes out to our families and supporters for continuing to embrace our little school as the big heart of the beautiful Naples community!  I am impressed and amazed on a regular basis by the generosity and love you all have for our students.  Thank you.




PHONE: DIAL 2-1-1 OR 1-800-926-2588


Dear Parents,

BCSD #101 Food Service has just closed a review from the Idaho State Department. Unfortunately, as of January 8th, 2017 all schools except Valley View Elementary will no longer be participating in the Provision II Breakfast Program. Valley View is on a different base year and still qualifies to participate in the Provision II meal program. BCSD #101 will have to apply for an extension at the end of 2017-18.

How will this affect you? When we come back from Christmas break, students will no longer receive free breakfast or breakfast in the class room. We will go back to standard operating procedure.. Breakfast will be served in the lunch room. If your child eats breakfast, they will be charged the same meal status as lunch.

Breakfast will be served from 7:30 a.m. -7:55 a.m. at the Middle School and 7:15 a.m. -7:50 a.m. at the High School. All Elementary schools breakfast times will remain the same. Students will have to pay for breakfast at the free, reduced or paid status they have at lunch.  Breakfast schedules and prices are as follows:

Middle School                                                                

Reduced .30 a day                                           

Paid is $1.75 a day

High School

Reduced .30 a day

Paid is $1.75 a day

Mt Hall & Naples

Reduced .30 a day

Paid is $1.65. a day

Valley View 

Free No Charge

If you have any questions, please call 208-267-5519 ext.3345 or email

Tammy Schneider

Food Service Director

This Institute is an Equal Opportunity Provider

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