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Once a month, we will send a note home

25. cents per bag. 


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OUR H.A.T.S. (humanity, art, technology and science) classes are looking for public volunteering.  If you feel you can offer 1 hour a week to spend with a few students in any of the above fields we want YOU.   This is such a wonderful opportunity for you and the children to explore in.  Ideas include, pottery, teaching a language, arts, music, crafting, history, gym sports, specialized arts, creative writing, photography and more.  We would like to bring into the school more of our talents from the community.  If you would like more information or have questions please call the school at 267-2956.



In an effort to make our school a safer place, ALL VISITORS WILL BE REQUIRED TO CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE, where they will receive visitor's badge.  All doors, except the one that leads straight to the office will now remain locked during the day.  Although we are a small family-friendly school and we know most of you by sight or name, we are required to strictly enforce this new policy.  Thank you for your understanding.

Naples School Christmas Program

Monday, December 15, 2015

6:30 p.m. 

Naples School Gym

Refreshments provided by the Naples PTSA

Manny Scott 2015 poster 2.jpg

November Certified Employee of the Month – Karen Lemley


Karen Lemley has been an educator for 25 years and has been at Naples School for 21 of those.  During this time she has taught combination classes and almost every primary grade.  She currently teaches 1st grade. Mrs. Lemley is known as a teacher who is organized, creative, peaceful, and loving.  She is soft spoken and children respond to her gentle and charitable ways.  Her success can partly be attributed to her continuing desire to improve and be her best.    

  One of her many strengths is art.  She has taught children how to draw portraits, birds, dogs, straw blown trees with beautiful tissue leaves, and amazing paintings.  Signs of learning cover her walls, doors, and hallway.  She has also taught countless crafts such a knitting, quilting, and cooking.  For several years Mrs .Lemley participated in a traveling art show.  Art would come in from schools across the United States including Naples to be displayed nationally.  

Mrs. Lemley is also known for her Science expertise. This year she brought a praying mantis in the classroom. Students caught bugs from the playground to feed her. One Monday students came back to class to find she had formed an egg.  Her classroom was electric!  

Mrs. Lemley also has a traveling science suit case that goes home with students. They take turns being the "Scientist" of the week as parents come in and assist them in conducting and explaining their experiments.  It is a class highlight!  She now teaches a "Mad Scientist" class in our Magnet classes with students ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade.   

Mrs. Lemley is planning on retiring in 2015.  She is an insightful mentor at our school and will be greatly missed.  She is more than deserving of this award and we feel lucky to have her a little longer.






*Special Thanks to Betsy Townsend for all her knitting and sewing for children who need hats, gloves and winter  scarves, blankets and coats too.

Many children have already received items. 

There is still more to share…winter-clothes-clipart-8h9fzvj5.jpg

Come into the office and  pick something out.

Students of the Month for September and October

These awesome students have been selected as the Students of the Month for the months of September and October.

Our "Character Matters" traits for those months were RESPECT and RESPONSIBLILTY.  These students are shining examples of those traits.

The "Character Matters" Trait for the month of November will  be GENEROSITY.

Leaving a Legacy of Love and Life Long Learning. 


Mr. Steven Morton, Principal

145 Schoolhouse Rd.

Naples, ID 83847

(208) 267-2956

fax: (208) 267-2906

What's Happening at Naples.....


   Please click on the link below for the School newsletter.


SeptOct 2014.pdf


The dance was awesome.  For our D.J. we got Mr. Alverez again.  He played lots of group songs like the Hand Jive, the Macarena, and the Hoki-Poki.  He also played some solo songs.

In the back, the PTSA were selling chili.  They were also selling potatoes with the topping choice of butter, sour cream, cheese, green onion, Fritos, bacon and even chili.  In the corner there were more PTSA who were selling treats.

In the middle of the dance, we stopped and raffled off the Junior Schweitzer Ski Pass, Ms. Ross won!  At the end of the dance Nadine said who won the auction baskets.  In the hallway, one of the parents was taking family pictures.  Every body had lots of fun!

Student Council Elections !

election collagejpeg.jpg

Student Council News

by Rosalia 

Here's some of the latest news.

Student Council Elections went well.  We have Noah as President, Elisa as Vice President, Taylor C. as Treasurer, Malia as Secretary,and Rosalia as Historian and Webmaster.  Everyone did a great job! Plus everyone who ran for Student Council got donuts at the end.  Now that was tasty.


We had our first meeting a little bit ago and it went great.  We planned out a lot of things like we are gong to be selling Santa Sweets and have a few fundraisers.  We are going to have more meetings throughout the year to plan more things.  Thanks for your participation!

Student Council

New SBAC Practice Tests


INSTRUCTIONS:  Scroll toward the bottom and find the link that says, Practice Test Portal, under the heading, Resources and Support.  Then click on the green box with the bicycle at the bottom of that page.  Login as "Guest" using the pre-filled fields.