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In an effort to make our school a safe place, ALL VISITORS ARE REQUIRED TO CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE, where they will receive a visitor's badge. 

All doors, except the one that leads straight to the office will remain locked during the day. 

Thank you for your understanding. and cooperation

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An alternate to calling the school when your child is sick at home is to email us.

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From The Principal's Desk

December 14, 2017

Happy December, Students and Families! 

November was a month of giving thanks. There are so many things I am thankful for as principal of Naples Elementary School. Your children and the staff are at the top of the list. They make every day worth coming to work. In November I was pulled away from the building for multiple conferences and meetings relating to my other district position of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Director. When I was able to return to the building, I quickly realized how much I missed them. Naples is home.

In having the opportunity to spend more time visiting with your children, they were very kind and shared something special with me. The flu. As I dictate this letter into my phone, I am lying in bed after spending my entire day nursing a very tender and upset tummy. Just last week I was talking about how I never get the stomach flu. That will be the last time I use the words "I never."  

I know many of you have already had your kiddos home for this unfortunate bug. Please continue to keep them home if they complain of stomach cramping or show signs of fever, vomiting, and or diarrhea. If a child is running a fever of 100 or above, policy requires them to go home. Regardless of policy, I now know from experience how much better they will feel to be home. 

Just one more week and we will be enjoying Christmas break. Hopefully that time out of the building will take care of any unwelcome viruses or illnesses. Let's get well and stay well! We have so much fun learning to do!

On that note, Naples students have experienced their first two HATS sessions! This is a two-hour block of time where they get to experience hands-on learning in the areas of the humanities, arts, technology, and science. If you take a quick look at the photos on the Naples Elementary School Facebook page, you will see the wonderful learning experiences the students enjoyed. While you are there, be sure to like and follow the page. 

Our next HATS session will be scheduled in January. If you haven't heard about it already, please take a moment to ask your child about their HATS time. I'm sure you will be met with a high level of interest and excitement.

Finally, I had mentioned earlier this year that I would share a little bit about my family in my letters. November was an exciting month in our family. At the beginning of November, I celebrated my father's and daughter's birthdays. They were born on the same day! My baby girl is now 21 years old. Time flies! Later this month, I will be celebrating my son's birthday. He will be 24. He is a graduate of Washington State University. In addition to my to birth children, I gained four bonus kids after I married my husband Tom. Two beautiful girls who are now young women, 25 and 23, as well as two young men who are 20 and 15 have added to my life since I met their dad in 2005. 

As I said, November was exciting. Tom's younger daughter Ally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on November 11th. His name is Cairo Earon Davis. He is so handsome!  He joins his cute cousin (Tom's oldest daughter's baby) who will be 2 in December. Dymin is his name. We love being grandparents! Yes, we are too young to be grandparents. That's what I like to think, anyway. 

I think that does it. If I missed something, I will likely post it on the Facebook page. We are hoping the page will be another quick and easy place to access up-to-date information for families who want to stay in the loop of all things Naples. Please feel free to call, send a note, or best of all come visit. We are all here for you and your children!

May each Wolverine have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear Parents,

BCSD #101 Food Service has just closed a review from the Idaho State Department. Unfortunately, as of January 8th, 2017 all schools except Valley View Elementary will no longer be participating in the Provision II Breakfast Program. Valley View is on a different base year and still qualifies to participate in the Provision II meal program. BCSD #101 will have to apply for an extension at the end of 2017-18.

How will this affect you? When we come back from Christmas break, students will no longer receive free breakfast or breakfast in the class room. We will go back to standard operating procedure.. Breakfast will be served in the lunch room. If your child eats breakfast, they will be charged the same meal status as lunch.

Breakfast will be served from 7:30 a.m. -7:55 a.m. at the Middle School and 7:15 a.m. -7:50 a.m. at the High School. All Elementary schools breakfast times will remain the same. Students will have to pay for breakfast at the free, reduced or paid status they have at lunch.  Breakfast schedules and prices are as follows:

Middle School                                                                

Reduced .30 a day                                           

Paid is $1.75 a day

High School

Reduced .30 a day

Paid is $1.75 a day

Mt Hall & Naples

Reduced .30 a day

Paid is $1.65. a day

Valley View 

Free No Charge

If you have any questions, please call 208-267-5519 ext.3345 or email

Tammy Schneider

Food Service Director

This Institute is an Equal Opportunity Provider

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