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The 4th grade students have been participating in the Harvard Medical School class of 2016   Organ Challenge, by creating videos.  More information about this challenge can be found at .

The students began this project by researching an organ of the human body.  They then wrote a song that showcased what they had learned.  They decided how to present their song including details about costuming and choreography. They practiced (a lot!), filmed and edited their work.  Ask any of them how to use a “green screen,” they would be thrilled to tell you!

The entire class submitted a video as a class project  AND HERE IT IS!!!! 


Individual students and small groups also submitted videos. These videos can be viewed by clicking on these links:

Brain Tumors -- 

Liver's Lament ---

Brain Style ---

The Idaho State mandated SBAC Field Test is scheduled to take place in all Boundary County schools for Grades 3-11, beginning April 14, 2014 through May 1, 2014.  Make-up testing may occur as late as May 16, 2014.  The SBAC test will replace the ISAT Language Usage, Reading and Math tests as the State's required standardized test.  The Science ISAT will continue to be administered in the Spring to 5th, 7th and 10th grade students, until further notice from the State.  Two SBAC tests (with two sections each) will be administered, English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. 
Opting out of the SBAC is NOT allowed per the Idaho State Department of Education.  This year's field test provides an opportunity for students to have exposure to the expectations and format of the SBAC test prior to having it count toward their promotion and State graduation requirements next school year.  Student scores will NOT be received at the state level, district level or school level.  As a field test, questions are simply being validated for future testing.  
If you have questions or concerns regarding the test, please feel free to contact Robin Merrifield, Testing Coordinator and Curriculum Director for Boundary County School District, at 208-267-7962.  You may also visit the SBAC website at the following link:
Thank you for your support and understanding during this time of transition.

New SBAC Practice Tests


INSTRUCTIONS:  Scroll toward the bottom and find the link that says, Practice Test Portal, under the heading, Resources and Support.  Then click on the green box with the bicycle at the bottom of that page.  Login as "Guest" using the pre-filled fields.



In an effort to make our school a safer place, ALL VISITORS WILL BE REQUIRED TO CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE, where they will receive visitor's badge.  All doors, except the one that leads straight to the office will now remain locked during the day.  Although we are a small family-friendly school and we know most of you by sight or name, we are required to strictly enforce this new policy.  Thank you for your understanding.

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AR. testing

If you wish for you child to tak an AR test at home please use this link:

Sculptor MIles Hougan share with the the first grade.


Piece of the Puzzle SURVEY.jpg


OUR H.A.T.S. (humanity, art, technology and science) classes is looking for public volunteering.  If you feel you can offer 1 hour a week to spend with a few students in any of the above fields we want YOU.   This is such a wonderful opportunity for you and the children to explore in.  Ideas include, pottery, teaching a language, arts, music, crafting, history, gym sports, specialized arts, creative writing, photography and more.  We would like to bring into the school more of our talents from the community.  If you would like more information or have questions please call the school at 267-2956.

Carpentry H.A.T.S Class

Carpentry H.A.T.S Class