Naples Elementary School


School Hours

Monday - Thursday

7:20 am - Open

7:45 am - School Starts

3:25 pm - School's Out

3:30 pm - Office Closes


In an effort to make our school a safe place, ALL VISITORS ARE REQUIRED TO CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE, where they will receive visitor's badge. 

All doors, except the one that leads straight to the office will remain locked during the day. 

Thank you for your understanding. and cooperation

Sick child?

An alternate to calling the school when your child is sick at home is to email us.

Just send your email to 

School Spirit


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Leaving a Legacy of Love and Life Long Learning. 



September 5th First Day Of School - Welcome Back!
October 5th & 6th No School - State In-Service

Hello From Naples School !!!

Hello From Naples School


Naples Elementary is known for offering enrichment classes to students through their HATS program. HATS stands for Humanities, Art, Technology, and Science. This year, all students will get to take a class in each area with all classes being taught by a certified teacher. So far, our students have enjoyed Elements of Art, Chinese, Folk Tales, and various technology classes. We have two more HATS sessions to go, and we excited for the classes to come. 


H.A.T.S. schedule:



1st Quarter


2nd Quarter


3rd Quarter


4th Quarter


Kinder/1st Humanities Art Technology Science
2nd/3rd Art Technology Science Humanities
4th/5th Technology  Science Humanities Art




Mrs. Robin Merrifield, Principal

145 Schoolhouse Rd.

Naples, ID 83847

(208) 267-2956

fax: (208) 267-2906


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